Is Gluten Free the Way to Be?

Gluten“Excuse me, does that have gluten in it?” is something we never heard until a few short years ago.  Suddenly, it seems that gluten is the new high fructose corn syrup, something we don’t know a lot about except that we should stay away from it.  Before we break down why some people choose a gluten-free lifestyle, let’s take a look at what gluten is.

Simply put, gluten is a sticky protein substance found in wheat. But this little protein can be a big problem for anyone prone to Celiac Disease, the true source for any newfound gluten disdain.

What is Celiac Disease? It’s a condition that damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing parts of food that are important for staying healthy. The damage is due to a reaction to eating gluten.

According to a 2012 study conducted by The National Institutes of Health and the University of Chicago, an incredible 30 percent of the American population have the genes that make up Celiac Disease.  Many of these people are what can be referred to as “silent sufferers,” people who show symptoms and often feel sick, but are unaware that Celiac Disease is the cause of their discomfort.

For those people, the decision to go gluten free has afforded them a more agreeable and happy lifestyle, and when others that might not have the same gluten intolerance saw these new and improved demeanors, they wanted in.  Now, specialty bakeries are booming and gluten has gone and gotten itself a bad reputation.

Wondering if you are allergic to gluten?  A simple diet integration experiment or blood test can do the trick.  If you are looking for more information about living gluten free, be sure to give the team at [company_short] a call today at [phone_main] to receive more information about the sticky little protein.

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