Protect Your Teeth: 5 Tips to Simplify Your Dental Health Regimen

2013Oct29_GenPhama_AMany of you work hard to keep yourselves and your families healthy. You put in time at the gym, avoid chocolate cake, wear sunscreen and make an effort to get eight hours of sleep each night.

But what are you doing to protect your vision?

It’s not enough to rely on genetics or age. There is action you can take to prevent vision loss over time. Don’t take those precious organs for granted. After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Here are five quick tips to preserve your vision and maintain eye health.

1. Eat right.

Consuming a healthy diet that is high in vitamins and minerals has been linked to everything from cancer prevention to fighting your everyday cold. Naturally, what you eat plays a major role in your eye health as well. Research has shown that Vitamin A plays a particularly important role in your vision. It helps the retina absorb light and protects the eye from conjunctivitis (pink eye). To get more Vitamin A, eat carrots and leafy greens or consider taking a supplement.

2. Wear shades.

In addition to making you look cool and protecting your eyes from foreign objects, a pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun and help preserve your vision. You probably know that you should never look directly at the sun, but you may not realize that simply being exposed to sunlight increases the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on your eyes, which has been linked to macular degeneration and corneal dystrophies.

3. Take a break.

We’ve all heard the classic myths – reading in dim light, sitting too close to the television, or trying on someone else’s glasses will cause permanent damage. Those ideas have been shelved, but many activities can still cause eyestrain. It’s a good idea to give your eyes a break. If you sit a computer all day, make a conscious decision to look away from your screen to an object in the distance from time to time.

4. Quit smoking.

Smoking is horrible for your entire body and your eyes are no exception. Research has linked smoking to cataracts, macular degeneration and optic nerve damage. To protect your vision, quit smoking or just don’t start.

5. Care for your contacts.

If you experience any eye irritation or discomfort, give yourself the option to switch over to glasses. Doing so can prevent the development of a bigger issue such as a corneal ulcer. Also, be advised that putting a contact in your mouth to retain moisture can be dangerous. Always keep contact solution or lubricant on hand for emergencies and pay attention to expiration dates.

Many health experts recommend regular eye exams, even if you don’t notice any issues with your vision. While the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends only one eye exam in your 20s, they recommend exams more regularly in your 40s – every 2 to 4 years. During a comprehensive exam, a professional can check for damage and disease, and determine if you are seeing your absolute best.

Whether you wear contacts, suffer from dry eyes, need vitamin supplements or a new pair of stylish sunglasses, we have what you need! Our staff can also provide helpful advice about the frequency of your eye exams and steps you can take to preserve your vision. Stop by [company_short] or give us a call at [phone_main] for more information.

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