Pain Identification: 7 Signs It Could Be Serious

2014Mar04_GenPharma_AWe’re all accustomed to a certain level of pain on a regular basis – soreness from an old injury, a belly ache from overeating or a headache from skipping your usual coffee. Most of the time, the pain you experience is minor and you have an idea of what’s causing it. But other times, the pain seems worse than usual or sticks around longer than it should.

However inconvenient it may be, pain exists for a reason. More than just a pesky side effect, it is your body’s way of communicating that something could be wrong.

Next time you experience pain you’re unsure about, skip the internal debate about whether or not it’s serious and reference this list. According to healthcare experts, all of the following conditions can be red flags.

Here’s a list of seven pains you shouldn’t ignore:

#1: A horrible headache.

While sinus headaches are common with a standard cold, medical training reveals that the worst headache of your life is a classic sign of a brain aneurysm.

#2: Chest tightness.

Not to be confused with heartburn, the type of chest pain that involves extreme pressure or a sudden, heavy ache could signal a heart attack.

#3: Leg pain with swelling.

A pain in your calf accompanied by redness, swelling or warmth could be a blood clot.

#4: Sharp pain in your side.

When combined with nausea and fever, the sharp pain in the right side of your abdomen could be the sign of appendicitis or an ovarian cyst for women.

#5: A throbbing tooth.

An infection from a damaged tooth could spread to other parts of the body, so you may need a root canal to keep bacteria away from the nerve.

#6: Severe back pain.

If over-the-counter remedies can’t significantly dull the ache, you may have an abdominal aneurysm or a kidney stone.

#7: Painful urination.

Discomfort during urination could be the result of anything from a urinary tract infection to bladder cancer.

If you’re experiencing extreme levels of any of the seven pains on this list, you should get checked out by a professional. And the sooner, the better. Whether your pain is the result of something minor or more serious, speaking with a professional will undoubtedly result in getting some relief.

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