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The Dangers of Added Sugar

You may remember your parents telling you that eating too much candy would result in rotting teeth. As it turns out, cavities and other teeth problems are just a small aspect of the true dangers of a high sugar diet. In fact, consuming even moderate amounts of refined sugar and sugar-laden products can result in […]

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Stop Diabetes: Know the Facts

Diabetes is a group of diseases characterized by high blood glucose levels resulting from the body’s inability to properly produce and/or use insulin. You’ve definitely heard of it before, but you probably don’t realize quite how prevalent it is. The numbers are staggering! The American Diabetes Association has designated the month of November, American Diabetes […]

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Wake Up and Smell the Health Benefits of Coffee

For the 108 million Americans who drink coffee everyday, there’s good news! New research provides even more proof that there are health benefits in your morning cup o’ joe. Coffee has recently been linked to everything from fat burning to less cavities and a lower risk factor for multiple diseases. Once upon a time, coffee […]

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