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8 Rules for Medications in Your Home

Knowing how to properly store your medication may sound like a common sense concept, but the importance of properly storing your medication can make a huge difference in it’s effectiveness and in the safety of those around you. Why is this important for me? If you’re like most people, you’ve probably left an old prescription […]

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6 Ways to Get Better Sleep and More of It!

Our grandparents love it. Babies and teenagers get a lot of it. So, what’s holding us all back from enjoying some extra sleep? Even if you’re one who loves your sleep and understands why it’s so important, it all comes down to precious time. We lose an hour or two for a morning run and […]

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How-to Prevent, Identify and Treat Head Lice

We’ve all heard of lice, your family has even probably had a scare or two. Of the three variations of lice – head lice, body lice and public lice – head lice is the most common. Furthermore, according to a WebMd article, surveys have shown that 10-20% of school children have head lice at any […]

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July is UV Safety Month — Let’s Make it a Burn-Free Summer!

It’s summer — the sun is shining, swimming suits are on, the lemonade is poured and and the pool is calling our names. But wait, did you remember the most important accessory… SUNSCREEN?! In honor of UV Safety Month, we’re encouraging our community to take a few minutes to learn how to properly protect themselves […]

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