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Hand Washing: Do It More Often & More Effectively

How many times do you wash your hands each day? Whatever the number is, it may not be enough! December is the month designated to remind us all of the importance of handwashing. According to the Centers for Disease Control, washing your hands is the single most effective way to prevent sickness. By washing your […]

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Get Comfortable In Your Skin: Here’s How to Handle Stretch Marks

We’ve all seen them and many of us have struggled with them ourselves. Striae, more commonly known as stretch marks, are frequently seen in men and women of all shapes, sizes and ages. The unwelcome marks typically develop on the abdomen, breasts, hips, thighs and upper arms. These days, they are a popular topic in […]

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3 Ways to Lower Stress This Season

Anxiety, stress, depression… we’ve all experienced one or all of them at some time or another. Especially around the holiday season, the causes can vary. You might be under tight deadlines at work, worried about finances, experiencing issues at home or concerned about a loved one with an illness. Whatever the case, experiencing some of […]

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